Feel Special on your Birthday
Order on your Birthday and receive an imidiate 20% discount on the entire assortment!
As a Gift you will receive a Club Card with a discount for your future orders.

A Free Glass of Sparkling Wine - for you, on your Birthday!
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11 +1
Buy any 11 bottles of wine and receive one bottle totally free of charge!
More details you can find by calling us.

First Guest of the Month = Free Bottle of Sparkling Wine
Every 1st date of the Month, we are gifting the first customer of the day a bottle of Sparkling Wine! Just because he/she is the first :) Follow us on Social Media to be the first one!

10 screw caps or corks = 10% discount
Exchange 10 branded screw caps or 10 branded corks and receive 10% discount for your new order.

* the screw caps and corks has to be branded as Heritage Fine Wine
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